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Juul is not made of marijuana or its by-products. This leaves many medical marijuana users in awe. These vape pens are made from Nicotine, perfectly extracted and processed nicotine vape juice. Our premium CBD and THC vape juice pods have been made, with new CBD and THC e-cig vape juice for vaping by non-nicotine users. These nicotine pods for sale, are readily available for recreational vapers to use when necessary.


Winning multiple vaping awards and competitions, our vape pods are like the Tesla of e-cigs for sale. With our supreme temperature regulation innovation technology, these vape pens maintain the perfect temperature with ignition controls, hence preventing overheating. One swig from the mouthpiece will initialize the warming of the vape juice fluid, hence making it vaporize. Hence, these extra functionalities make vaping our pods easy; making our products stand out tall in this complex vaping industry, totally independent and unique from other vaping products.


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Nicotine – CBD & THC

Juul is the leading vape pen for sale in the industry, with a multiplicity of flavors the fit your needs. From, the beloved mango flavor, to Creme, mint, and classic tobacco which are our best  flavors for sale. Our pods provide long-lasting vaping hours. These kits have rechargeable batteries that are replaceable and can be purchased in our online shop. Unlike big chief carts, each pod comes pre-filled in a Juul case, with 0.7ml of vape juice and 5.0% of Nicotine, comparable to about 200+ puffs of cigarettes.



Getting a Juul pod near me may be difficult. Sourcing these premium vape pods for sale from a nearby shop is even harder. Due to the high quality of these pods, vape shop counters are always void of these nicotine vape carts because they are always sold out. Our online shop comes in as a solution for this. We do mail-order vape carts for sale throughout all 50 states and overseas. Only buy Juul online here at our official shop or verified partner vape shops. Buying from unverified sources or online from Instagram kaws figures with pinball machines, eBay or Reddit is not advised. Being the best producer of vape products in the market comes at a price; competition. As quad such there have been a lot of copycat vape companies tiring to make similar products such as pax and others. These companies try to imitate our technology but can’t perfect the experience as we do.